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Vapokjel Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

SICIL brings to you the state of the art indigenously developed and manufactured range of analytical equipment applied in Agricultural, Environmental, Beverages, Food & Feed and Pharmaceutical Industries. With over a decade of manufac- turing experience and more than 100 customer installa- tions all across India in Academics, Research and Industry, we are one of few established companies manufacturing this product range.

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  • Distillation Unit operable in Auto or Manual mode.
  • Programmable Logic Controller with built - in HMI.
  • Provision for storing two analysis programs simultaneously and can be recalled depends on the analysis routine.
  • Analysis cycle includes auto addition of receiver solution, water dilution, alkali addition, reaction delay time, steam injection, tube drain (please refer ordering information).
  • Audible & HMI Display to indicate end-of-analysis.
  • Suitable for 100ml (Micro), 250ml (Macro) and 500ml (Direct Distillation) tubes.
  • Imported geared motor bellows metering pumps for adding accurate and reproducible volumes of alkali and receiver solution.
  • Adjustable Alkali volume per/stroke of bellow pump with programmable number of strokes.
  • Imported Oscillating pump for reliable water refilling in steam generator.
  • In-built Borosilicate glass steam generator with Teflon cover and illumination by means of light bulb.
  • Transparent window on the body panel to view the status of steam generator.
  • Borosilicate glass splash head and condenser with 1 large bulb and 14 coils.
  • High sensitivity PRV made of Teflon for steam generator.
  • Spiral heater made of Incoloy 600 & Passivated.
  • Cooling water supply controlled by means of solenoid valve.
  • Control for low water level and excess temperature in the steam generator.
  • Water level control by means of four sensors as below
    -Common level – normal operational mode (Signal Input).
    -High level – Refill pump switched off.
    -Low level – Refill pump switched on.
    -Very low level – Refill pump as well as heater is switched off.
  • Common level probe made of Titanium for corrosion resistance.
  • Temperature control By means of PT 100 sensor with PLC Control.
  • Standby mode temperature maintained at 90˚ C to reduce distillation time and to minimize power consumption.
  • Steam and Water Solenoid valve are made with brass body for corrosion resistance, Viton lining for body of Steam Solenoid valve for durability.
  • Teflon NRV used as vent valve to avoid back suction of distillate at the end of the distillation cycle.
  • Safety features include HMI display indication for Low water level, Tube in place & Safety door (Transparent acrylic) interlock.
  • Easy to operate Thumb lever to actuating the tube holder.
  • Front Process area made of acrylic with silicon lined spill base, Resistant to all chemical spills and high temperature.
  • Slope provided in the spill base to drain the wash fluids trough drain on the back side of the panel.
  • Plastic Spill tray can be provided as on option.
  • Heat and Chemical resistant gloves for handling Distillation tubes.
  • The unit is provided with all necessary silicone and nylon tubing.
  • Body Panel made of Mild steel (1.6 thk ) with Powder coating.
  • Uses Official AOAC method for analysis.

Technical Data

Nitrogen recovery 99.7 - 100 %
Accuracy Highly accurate Supersedes conventional Kjeldahl apparatus results.
Reproducibility ± 1% relative or better.
Analysis range 0.5 – 160 mg of nitrogen / 3 – 1000 mg of protein.
Distillation capacity 3 – 4 minutes per sample (15 to 20 samples per hour) at cooling water temp 25°c.
Receiver Solution volume Settable between 10-50ml per stroke of bellows pump
Water dilution Fixed volume 100 ml (can be factory set for other volumes > 100ml upon request.)
Alkali addition Automatic mode (Programmable between 1-9 strokes of bellows pump) / Manual mode (Continuous).
Alkali volume Settable between 10 – 50 ml per stroke of bellows pump
Reaction delay time Programmable between 0-99 minutes.
Distillation time Programmable between 1-99 minutes.
Cooling Water consumption Automatic (90 liters per hour) Nil when used with JAGUAR CW 120 Water saving system.
Distillate collection 20– 30 ml per minute optimally. at cooling water temp 25°c.
Water & Alkali tank capacity 5 liters.
Program settings HMI (Sensitive touch – key) built in PLC
Process indication HMI (LCD display) built in PLC with real time countdown indication.
Dimension / Weight 400 x 420 x 750 mm (WxDxH) / Approximately 55 Kg.
Electrical requirement 220V±10%, 50Hz Single phase AC, 8 Amps.

Order Information

DS 30 Automatic sequence of water dilution, alkali addition, delay time, steam cycle
DA 30 Automatic sequence of receiver solution addition, water dilution, alkali addition, delay time, steam cycle, tube drain


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